I love tulips.  I love to watch and wait for them to come up each spring.  This year, my tulips seemed to take longer than normal.  I was sad at first.  Looking at all the other houses with tulips blooming, and mine still hadn’t.  Then, there came a storm.  It snowed.  It was cold.  This is not unusual to have January in April in Utah, so it didn’t surprise me.  BUT, it did make me grateful.  Grateful that God let my tulips WAIT this year.  Last year they bloomed beautifully, then succombed to a freezing rain/snow mix shortly after they bloomed.

Isn’t that how miscarriages can feel?  Or any challenge we face?  I often find myself asking God, am I done yet with this challenge?  Have I learned what I needed to yet?  And then one day, you wake up JOYFUL.  You have your a-hah moment.  You realize there was yet one more thing God wanted to show you.  Maybe there was one more miracle on the path of that challenge that He really wanted to give you.

Then as we look back over our challenge, our eyes can more clearly see the MIRACLES more than the sorrows along that path.  As we accept the challenges we face, we can find PEACE as we walk with Christ along that path.  There is the most beautiful song that I hope you will take a minute to listen and watch.  Let the PEACE you feel as you watch fill your soul and give you strength for one more day.

Peace in Christ video

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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