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Little did I know

In my post yesterday, I wrote about my son Taylor, who as a baby had such severe reflux.  But around age one, his reflux wasn’t projectile anymore, it would just come up his throat and choke him in his sleep.  It scared me so much that I hardly slept. So at 18 months we started going to a pediatric gastroenterologist.  She was awesome!  She put him on some medication to help him not react as much to what he ate.  She said that many babies just need some time to out grow this sensitivity. This made a big difference in his nighttime reflux.  So I got to sleep again!

Fast forward to when he was 4 years old.  He was still struggling with symptoms, but nothing too bad besides flushed cheeks, diarrhea, eczema.  Then one day his throat started to close up.  Then it happened again the next week.  We decided it was time to know what specifically was bothering him.

So his doctor suggested allergy testing.  I went into his appointment thinking he would be allergic to 1-2 food items.  But when the testing was done, it was 5!  Soy, coconut, eggs, tree nuts, and sesame seeds.  I was pretty much in shock.  When my mom called that afternoon, I just burst into tears.  I had looked over the food in my house, my recipes, and just had NO IDEA how I was going to feed him dinner that night.  Somehow I figured something out, and after I got the kids to bed, I went to Wal-mart and cried as I walked down each isle trying to find food that avoided all those things.  He couldn’t eat his favorite bread, cereal, treats, candy, hot dogs, chicken nuggets.  No more fast food-no more fries-until we discovered In-N-Out!  We also discovered high fructose corn syrup bothered him.  I couldn’t figure out why whenever we gave him liquid acetaminophen, he would have a reaction until I made that connection.

That first month was so hard.  I spent countless hours online trying to find someone who knew how to cook/bake things without this particular combo of allergies/sensitivities.  I felt like any new meal I tried to make was terrible.  So we ate the same 3 meals pretty much all month.  But I knew we couldn’t live like this forever.  So I began to get serious about finding ways to make his food good.

I’ll share some of these recipes on my blog.  Check out:

Soy Free Sweet and Sour Chicken

And I’ll be posting more throughout the weeks.

I am happy to report that just before he turned 8, Taylor was cleared of all his allergies/sensitivities.  That was a happy day indeed!   It was hard to be different though.  It was hard to watch other kids enjoy a delicious piece of candy, and he just got to watch.  It was hard for me as his mother to see that sorrow in his eyes and know there was nothing I could do about it.  Isn’t that one of the hardest challenges as a parent?  But through this challenge, I not only learned many things, but my son learned a lot.  Even though he is young, he learned to be more compassionate to others.  You can ask anyone who knows Taylor, and they will tell you that he is a very kind kid.  And that make me a very PROUD MAMA!

I hope you will check back tomorrow because I have a real treat!  Each Wednesday, I will be sharing experiences from some of the many amazing women who bless my life.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post!

Life is Good.  Share the Good.


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