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We are always guided

Today as I promised, I’ll be sharing a great experience of my amazing friend.  I am always inspired by her and her goodness.  She has an incredible story of an experience she had with her tiny 13 month old baby.  I hope you will enjoy her words.

“When my daughter was about 13 months old she came down with pneumonia.  After she got over the pneumonia she started displaying symptoms that were so subtle to us that we didn’t even realize something was wrong.  But my Mother in law who came to visit hadn’t seen her in about a month and was shocked at how much weight she had lost!  She told us to take her to the doctor right then.  So I took her to Insta-care and they had no answers.

So I scheduled an appointment with her doctor and he basically said she had “failure to thrive”.  I came out of his office so upset because he hadn’t run a single blood test or any tests at all.  He just looked at her and said she was probably going to die!  You told tell a mother that their baby is going to die when you haven’t ran any tests.

I came home worried and upset and not knowing where to go to get her help.  Then my husband and I decided to take her to Primary Children’s Hospital ER.  So off we went.  They took her and took some X-rays and hooked her up to an IV (which was traumatic because the nurse couldn’t get the needle into her vein).  The doctor said she was severely constipated and to give her a big doses of Miralax and wait for the explosion!  So we came home and gave her the Miralax and waited and waited and waited.  Nothing!

So now we were stumped again and not knowing what to do, I prayed to my Heavenly Father for guidance.  I didn’t know how to help my daughter.  I opened up my insurance book of doctors and Heavenly Father guided me to a doctor.  His name stood out and I said, “What can it hurt?”.  So I called his office.  He was such a sought after doctor that you usually had to wait 6 to 8 months to see him.  But Heavenly Father was guiding me and knew my daughter didn’t have that long to live if we didn’t get her help.  They had had a cancellation and we got into his office within the week.

We walked into his office and he immediately knew what the problem was.  He told us he thought she had Celiac Disease.  Her tummy was distended and she had lost so much weight.  He looked at the X-rays Primary Children’s Hospital had taken and they actually had read the X-ray wrong!  I guess gas and stool show up differently on the X-ray.  One is white and one is black.  She was full of gas not stool, hence no explosion!  So this doctor ordered a myriad of tests to make sure this really was her problem.  We had blood taken, and they tested her antibodies.  We also went ahead and had testing done for cystic fibrosis.  But it was a scope which confirmed she had Celiac Disease.

She is now a vibrant 14 year old.   I am so thankful Heavenly Father led me to this doctor that just “happened” to have an appointment in the week we needed it most.  His hands truly our in our lives.”

I too know that our Heavenly Father guides us.  He wants us to be successful in watching over our precious children.  He will always helps us if we listen.

If you have a experience you would like to share on awaiting rainbows, please email me at  Thank You!

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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