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Increased Strength

“He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.” Isaiah 40:29

When my oldest son Joshua, who is now almost 15, was 9 months old, he awoke one day vomiting like crazy.  He couldn’t keep anything down.  And within only an hour or so, I just knew he was really, really sick.  He had slept all night(which never happened!) So, he was vomiting up bile because he had nothing in  him.  So, I got an appointment with his doctor right away.  I loaded him and my 3 year old in the car and went on my way.  It was a long 15 minute drive because he kept vomiting in his carseat.  Meanwhile, I’m trying not to cry because I can’t do anything about it.  So we arrive at the doctor’s office, and I try and clean him up, and he of course then vomits on me.

It didn’t take the doctor more than a moment to send us on our way to Primary Children’s Hospital.  So, now I’m really crying.  I call my husband and tell him to meet me at the hospital.  And he also arranged for one of his sisters to come and pick up our oldest child.  They got Joshua back pretty quickly to be seen, so while I went back with the baby, my husband stayed out in the waiting room to wait for his sister.

Joshua was so dehydrated.  The nurses tried and tried to get an IV in, but each time his little veins would burst.  They had tried 4-5 times in his little feet, and Joshua and I were both crying, but with no success.  The special IV team was busy, so we were just going to have to wait.  Luckily it wasn’t that long of a wait, and they got it in on the FIRST try!  I was so relieved.  By this time, my husband was in the room with us now.

Then the doctor came in and informed us it could be one of three things.  The stomach flu, a problem with his colon, or a problem with his liver(or something like that-one of those other appendages.   And he continued that the latter two would involve either surgery immediately or at the latest in the morning.  So they began running tests.  It was here my strength began to fail.

One test required them to strap my tiny, dehydrated, crying baby to a board because he needed to be perfectly still.  As I was watching this happen, I slowly unbeknownst to myself began to step back farther from Joshua.  It was breaking my heart to watch him.  But then the man who was running the test turned to me and said, “Mom we need you to be right by him.  He needs your strength.  He needs to see you.  This will help him.”

You know how time seems to stand still when you’re faced with a challenge and you need to talk to God to see if there’s any way you don’t have to do what is in front of you?  Well, that is how I felt at that moment.  I just prayed, “I can’t watch this, he is in so much pain, I’m just a crying mess, how can I help my baby?”  And then, somehow the strength came.  I felt myself move forward and stand by Joshua.  Being a parent is hard.

The tests were all done-then came the waiting-the worrying.  Would he need to be rushed into surgery right now, in the morning, or was this hopefully the flu and we could go home as soon as he was hydrated.  As we waited, and the fluids brought peace to his body, he began to calm down, and went to sleep.  A few hours later, the tests all came back negative.  He just had a severe case of the stomach flu.  RELIEF!  I was so happy!  Now all he needed to do to go home was keep down a few ounces of gatorade.  Luckily he did great.

And six hours after arriving, we got to take him back home.  How grateful I was!  Because I knew there were some parents in that waiting room who would not get to take their baby home.

I know that when we feel we’re are at our weakest point, that God, our Heavenly Father, will give us the strength we need to go through whatever challenges lie in our path.  May each of you receive the strength you need.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

PS The picture with this post is one of my all time favorites when Joshua was 2 years old.

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