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Listening to Whispers

In February of 2012, I had a what I thought was a strange thought.  It was that my daughter should enroll in our school Chinese immersion program.  At first, I thought this was crazy!  She really, REALLY struggled in kindergarten.  Learning her letters and trying to read were SO frustrating to her.  We had many battles about homework and getting her reading done.  And now, I have a thought that she should learn Chinese?  English was hard enough!

I looked at the schools calendar, and it so happened that the enrollment meeting was that week.  So, I began to pray.  Is this really inspiration?  Can my child who struggles really do something this hard?  Will I loose my mind in the process?  Will our homework battles be the beginning of a world war in our home?

As I prayed over the next couple of days, I still felt like I should at least attend the meeting and see how I felt after.  So, I told my husband, “Hey, I think that Lydia needs to do the Chinese Immersion program.  I think I should go to the meeting.”  He also had the same fears I did, but guys, my husband is so trusting of my thoughts!  He really has supported me in some ideas that seemed crazy at the beginning.

After the meeting I was DEFINITELY positive she should do it.  So, I signed her up(after asking her if she would like to of course).  I can’t even explain how amazing this has been for our family.  We now have three kids in this program.  And yes, sometimes it is hard, we have battles over homework, and I’m not much help-thank you Google Translate!  My husband also has a younger sister whose family lives in China.  And that has been a really neat connection that my kids have with their cousins.

Joy D. Jones has a perfect thought on these brief feelings we can receive as mothers:

“Mothers, you might be kneeling next to your four-year old as he says his bedtime prayer.  A feeling flows over you as you listen.  You feel warmth and peace.  The feeling is brief, but you recognize that you, at that moment, are counted as worthy to receive.  We may seldom, if ever, receive huge spiritual manifestations in our lives; but we can frequently savor the sweet whisperings of the Holy Ghost verifying the truth of our spiritual worth.”

And not only receive whisperings of our worth, but of our children.  God knew that my daughter needed to do this.  She needed to meet her best friend in the whole world in these classes.  She needed to know that she could succeed at something hard.  Because when we learn in our youth that we can do hard things, it greatly helps us as the things we face in life get harder.

I hope that I can do better at following the little whispers of thought as I go about my day.  I know that God is in the details of our lives.  He wants to guide us as mothers.  I pray that this week we can all listen just a little better, and then act on those whispers.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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