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Cutest little book

If you need a last minute Mother’s day gift idea, I highly recommend this book for a young mother especially.  My kids loved me to read it to them when they were little, and then when the get older, they love to read it to their younger siblings.

It’s called Little Owl Lost by Christ Haughton.  It is so simple, but so sweet.  At some point, most of our kids find themselves lost from their mom or dad, and it can be so scary and traumatic!  I lost my daughter once in a downtown park right after a huge parade.  Talk about scared out of my life!  I know that God’s hand was in this event because, not more than a couple minutes passed when I saw not too far off a police officer.  Then as I got closer, I could see that he was holding the hand of a child!  MY child!  I was SO relieved!  I was SO grateful that this officer was aware enough as he was doing crowd control to spot a lost, scared little four year old.

So, check it out!

Little Owl Lost


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