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Who I am

I just wanted today’s post to be a reminder of who I am and why I started writing this blog over a month ago.

I have been feeling for several months now that there was something Heavenly Father wanted me to do.  At first I thought that maybe we needed to move (my husband is currently between jobs- see post A Budgeting Blessing ).  I felt I needed to serve somehow, I just didn’t know what.  And with a new baby, and one that doesn’t like anyone but me to hold her(she’s getting better now thank heavens, but she still doesn’t even like her grandmas!), it seemed like my possibilities of service were quite limited.

I have tried blogging before, but it always fizzled out.  I think my topic wasn’t what I was supposed to write about.  So one day last month, I was just walking into my family room, and the thought came very strongly that I needed to write a blog.  The name came, the topics came.  It was so strong.  I immediately sat down at the computer and began to start.  Then I told my husband.  Hey I just got this inspiration, can I tell all about our family for the whole internet to see?  He’s so awesome.  So here I am.

I am a wife to an amazing husband.  I am mom to six kids.  I have an amazing extended family which constantly give me strength.  I love my religion.  I love my neighborhood.  I really love chocolate.  I am a dog owner, although sometimes he acts more like a naughty kid than a dog.  I love my fish in my fish tank.  I have no idea why, but I really love my fish.  I want to listen to Heavenly Father teach me how to be better.  I want to be a humble listener.  I want to leave a legacy of service behind when I leave this earth-I’m planning to live until I’m 100.  My kids all know this, so I’ve got a lot of time to improve.:)

If you haven’t read my first post check it out here:

Once upon a time

This post is a very tender part of my life.  I feel like we all have those experiences.  My goal is not to continue to just share my experiences, challenges, and lessons learned, but to share others.  I know I receive strength to make it through my challenges when I can learn from someone who has already done it.  It gives me perspective.  I hope that if you feel you could share an experience that you would message me.  I am truly thankful for all those who have shared so far.  It lifts others spirits to hear your stories.

I blog about food on Friday.  Because one thing that fills me with joy is baking.  I don’t especially love making dinner, but I love to bake dessert and breads.  Baking brings me joy.

And I have lots of pictures of flowers, trees, etc.  When I was young and lived in Illinois, we literally lived in the middle of a cornfield.  There was a row of about 10 or so houses.  We had a creek running through our backyard with lots of trees lining each side.  From that young age, I knew that I could feel peace when I was alone outside.  So nature brings a sense of peace.  I love summer nights because we stay out late and just feel that peace.  When we are quiet, we provide the settings in which the Spirit can guide us.  And through those whisperings, we can be guided as to help ourselves, our family, and others.

I hope more than anything, you can feel that I know God is real.  I know that He loves Me.  That I know He loves YOU!  I know that when we take the time to be alone with our Heavenly Father, He will guide us.  We each have a different role to play on earth.  And when we strengthen one another, the whole world is a better place.

Remember that Life is Good.  We can all Share the Good we see all around us.  We can FOCUS of the Good.  We can give service silently and quietly, and we can use our voices to recognize the Good in this world.  I want my voice to be counted as sharing Goodness.  Sharing Hope.  Sharing Love.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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