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Oh Ye Of Little Faith

I have had on my mind lately an event that took place on December 26, 1999.  My husband, Mark and I had been married six months at this time.  We were heading down to Arizona to visit my extended family.  We were excited for this trip!  In our family, we always pray for safety before we start a trip.  I was surprised when my husband suggested we pray to be able to help someone on our way.

I thought, sure lets pray about that, but I didn’t think that we would actually help anyone.  Well, as we were about an hour and a half into our journey, we went over a hill, and as we came down the hill, we saw a car on the side of the road.  We were so excited!  More excited than Christmas morning I believe!

So we stopped behind the car.  There was a young girl by the car and she had a flat tire and a problem with her coolant hose.  We were able to take her to the next exit and get her to a place where she could call for help(this is before the days when everyone had a cell phone-I know, crazy!).  She didn’t have a spare tire.  Within a few minutes she would have someone there to help her.  We were not the only people on the road that day that saw her.  But we were the only people who stopped to help.  Let’s be the people that stop.

That whole experience, took no more than 30 extra minutes if I remember correctly.  We were on such a “service high” the rest of our drive.  We never saw another person on the side of the road the rest of our trip.

This event is something my husband and I think about often.  How Mark had wanted to help someone, and prayed to the one person, God, who knew where someone would need our help.  I know that when we consciously pray for experiences to help people and remember to listen for that answer, then we can be can be a miracle and blessing to someone who needs help.

I know I have had my share of people who are my angels on earth.  I know that my life is infinitely blessed because of those experiences.  Because when we look back on those experiences, we remember God is aware of us.  It gives us strength to endure challenges.  Some challenges are quick, and some seem to last “forever”.  I think I need angels in both circumstances.

I hope today as we each pray, that we can pray to be of help to someone.  Then as we go through our day, be aware of our surroundings.  Look for a way to bring a bit of JOY into someone’s life.

Thank you to all that bring me JOY!  I am truly a blessed person.  And thank you to all who share your JOY with me and others.  When we share our experiences, we can strengthen each other.

I am so excited for the Wednesday stories this month.  I hope you will stay tuned.  And my recipe this week, is the BEST caramel ice cream topping you’ll ever make.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

PS Isn’t our first Christmas morning picture so cute?

PSS For the summer while my kids are home from school, I’ll only be posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Have a great day!

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