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Honoring A Hero

This Wednesday I’ll be doing something a little different.  Instead of sharing a story, I hope to connect with you to create a story of your own.  This past December, I came across a wonderful family that donates items to refugees.  During December, the items they collect are pillowcases.  They had to be 100% cotton, but could be made or purchased.  She linked to this video by MADE Everyday if you wanted to make one. I had recently purchased this new Brother Sewing Machine.  So I thought, hey I can sew straight lines!  Let’s do this as a family!  And so we did.

It was so much fun to see my kids each sew a pillowcase.

Sister Jean B. Bingham, General Relief Society President, said “But He(Christ) also smiled at, talked with, walked with, listened to, made time for, encouraged, taught, fed, and forgave.  He served family and friends, neighbors and strangers alike, and He invited acquaintances and loved ones to enjoy the rich blessings of His gospel.  Those ‘simple’ acts of service and love provide a template for our ministering today.”

When we teach our children to look beyond their own needs, we are creating children who will be a great benefit to society.  We can impact our world for good no matter our age.  We just need to do it with intent.  The intent to do good each day.  Make a plan.

So here’s our plan.  My daughter, Lydia, is working on her personal progress(a program to help young women develop good values in their lives through learning and service).  And we need your help!  We will be sewing pillowcases to honor our veterans.


We are making six sets of two pillowcases.  If you know someone who is a veteran who needs to be reminded of how much we appreciate their service, then please comment below.

We will send out two pillowcases to the first six people, and in return, we ask for three things:

  1. a simple email about your experience in giving
  2. a few photos
  3. a little bit about the veteran you are honoring.

We will share these experiences next month on the blog.  We are super excited about this service project.  We hope that if you aren’t one of the six, that you will watch the tutorial, make some yourself, and also share with us your experience.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

PS At this time, we can only mail in the continental US.  Thanks for participating!

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