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Blessed with Strength

Today’s Wednesday story comes from an amazing lady.  Her name is Vanessa Joy.  She is a singer and a motivational speaker.  She has been a guest faculty presenter at BYU Education Week.  I have been following her on Instagram for just a little while now.  And I just want you all to follow her!  Her daily messages help give me strength and remind me to keep trying each day.  I hope that her words will help us to think about what brings us strength in our life, and how setting goals helps to give us direction and meaning.

“Have you ever felt alone? A long time ago while struggling and suffering through a very hard time of loss I felt completely alone. Have you ever thought nobody understood exactly what you were going through? Although my friends and family tried, it was very difficult time for me.

One evening I prayed to God in our spare bedroom with all of my heart and through the tears I opened my eyes and I happened to see a music CD.  I decided to listen to it.  I’ll admit I had only listened to the music maybe once or twice.  It had been sitting in a box I hadn’t unpacked since I moved a few weeks prior and it had been several years since I had played it.

I sat there quietly focusing on the lyrics.  When the music started playing it was as though angels from heaven swooped down and hugged me with the words in the message of the song.  Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever had answers to prayer come to you through the lyrics of a song?  I felt as though it was a message from God, letting me know He cared about me and I was not forgotten.  I was not alone.  I felt hope through the message that I could hold on and continue to press forward with my life even though it wasn’t going the way I had planned it to be.

Has music brought you peace?  The music I listened to that day brought me peace.  It was through the song that I knew God loved me and He was aware of me.  It was an answer to my prayer.  I felt comforted in a way I had never felt before.  My spirit was strengthened.  Although my life was still the same, I had a new hope and a better outlook on my situation.  I knew things would work out, that things happen for a reason.  I knew I would be okay.  I had my faith renewed and I started to move forward with my life.  I realized I had goals and dreams I wanted to accomplish and pressing onward was needed.  I realized I needed to focus on new goals in my life.


A lot of times we get hit hard, we all have moments that can really get us down.  The important thing to is to push through those hardships and push onward with our life.  My dreams became my focus and I started to see progress because of the goals I wanted to accomplish.

Setting goals for yourself can really help you move forward in your life.  Dreams give you motivation.  Your goals will push you forward instead of staying in the same place.  Having no goals can be debilitating.  The enemy wants us to feel powerless.  He wants us to think we have no gifts or talents worth sharing.  He wants us to think we are useless because he wants us to do nothing with our lives, feel like failures, and give up trying.  He wants us to be miserable like he is.

When you set goals and let your imagination start dreaming you are doing what God sent you here to do.  He wants you to dream.  Then He wants you to go to work on those dreams and make them happen.  He wants you happy.  He wouldn’t have provided you with a brain if he didn’t want you to dream.

Here are five easy steps for making your dreams come true.

  • Number 1.  Get somewhere quiet and pray, ponder, and think about what you want to accomplish.  Use your thoughts and imagination to come up with a dream for your life.
  • Number 2. Put them down on paper.  Did you know when you write your goals down, you are 42% more likely to accomplish them?
  • Number 3. Make your goals clear and specific.  The clearer you are about what you want to happen the easier it is to accomplish.  Get your dream clear in your head, out on paper and know exactly what it looks like.  Make your goals measurable.  Put a deadline on them so you know when you’ve reached the goal.  The clearer they become the faster you’ll achieve.
  • Number 4.  Keep the list to only 10 goals for the year.  Write your top 10 realistic goals for one year.  Keep your list to ten items so you can stay focused.  You can always add more later.
  • Number 5.  The next thing to do is to put your list of goals somewhere you can look at them.  Don’t hide them away.  Put them near you, put them out in the open so you can view them daily.  Put them in your wallet, on your desk, by your nightstand, in your car, fridge, mirror, phone.  Put them everywhere so you can see them daily, and pray over them.

These 5 steps will help you achieve your goals and bless your life.

Music has always been a source of strength and comfort, but on that day I was troubled the windows of heaven opened up and the words of the song touched my life for good.  As I listened that day, I felt the power of music and what it does for our life.  I felt it for myself and I was lifted up from my gloom.  From that day forward, it became my intention and my life goal to use my voice for this purpose and sing with a message of hope for all that hear me.


I sing to encourage.  Everyone needs to know about God’s love.  He loves all of us.  You are not alone.  God is aware of you.  You have gifts and talents that need to be shared and it is important you continue to press forward and use your gifts no matter what befalls you.  Everything we have we owe to God.

As you go through your life, use goals and good music to bless you.  Choose uplifting music that inspires you, encourages you, and uplifts you.  Be selective about the music choices you listen to.  Music is a powerful tool that will bless your life if you use it wisely.”

Vanessa’s Gift to You:

Would you like to receive a free song that will uplift you?  If you go to Vanessa Joy Sings and fill out the form on the home page, a song will be sent to your email immediately, absolutely free.  Her song is absolutely beautiful.  Her voice is a gift.

I hope that as you have read Vanessa’s words today that you were inspired to take a few minutes, put on her song, and write down some goals to finish out this year.  I know that when we do things on paper on purpose we are more likely to be focused on our goals.

May you be blessed in all you do and guided to fulfill God’s plan for you.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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