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40 Seconds of Compassion

My husband and I are graduates from BYU, and my husband also graduated with an MBA from BYU’s Marriott school.  So, we are lucky and get their magazines.  I love reading them.  I love learning about people going forth and accomplishing great things, serving many people, and finding joy in their journey.

Today I want to talk about a portion of an article called Kindness is a Verb.  If you want to read the whole article click here.  Then click on read current issue(It’s the summer 2018 issue if you are reading this later in time.:))  A verb means an action word.  To be kind to someone, we have to act.  Sometimes it is easy to reach out and help someone, and other times when we have been hurt, it is much harder.  But it always requires us to act to be kind.

In the section of the article, Forty Seconds of Compassion, it talks about how doctors can face burnout.  Stephen Trzeiak thought their biggest problem in that scenario is lack of compassion.  He read that many thought taking vacations, spending time in nature, or learning relaxation techniques would help with burnout.  But Stephen found a study by Johns-Hopkins University that talked about spending 40 seconds reassuring cancer patients that they were there with them through the entire journey, that patients felt less nervous.  So he began to spend at least 40 seconds of compassion for each of his patients.  He said, “I connected more, I cared more, not less.”  His burnout began to lessen.  He also said, “Compassion goes beyond empathy and inspires action.”

And like doctors, I think mothers can get burnout too.  And sometimes we think that just leaving our family, taking a girls only trip, or getting a pedicure will help us to come out of that funk.  But I agree with Mr. Tryeiak here.  Compassion is the key.  It is a way to battle burnout.  Now I’ll be first to admit, there have been many times that I have thought, “I just need to get out of here” or “I can’t take being a wife and mom another day”.  But in every instance, when I stop and look outside of my “poor me” thoughts, and look at ways to love and serve my family, those thoughts go away.  And I am filled with more love towards my family as I think about what needs they have that day.

I’ve been thinking about having a theme for our family during this upcoming school year-it starts tomorrow!  I have been pondering what would be a good theme for our family that would inspire us to act, but not be overwhelming to my family.  Then I read this article.  I thought, we can all spare 40 seconds.  Less than a minute of our time spent focusing on the needs of the person we are with.

This article gives some ideas of what we can do:

Be Kind to Strangers

Thank someone every week

Put a surprise in a mailbox

Buy lemonade at a stand

Leave quarters at a laundry mat

Give a generous tip

Be a welcoming neighbor

Leave a surprise in a library book

Be kind to your server

Be Kind to Coworkers

Gift an inspirational book

Find our something new about a coworker

Endorse a skill or leave a positive recommendation on LinkedIn

Write a handwritten letter

Bake someone a cake

Write Positive sticky notes

Tutor someone

Laugh often

Be Kind to Animals

Foster a pet for adoption

Adopt a pet

Donate used blankets to a shelter

Fill a birdhouse with seed in your yard

Be Kind Online

Send an encouraging email

Message someone good morning or good night

Start a fundraiser

Share your favorite recipe

Write a positive comment on a website or a blog

Reply to a post you enjoy

Praise a local business online

I just love how simple these suggestions are.  I am planning to put these up in our home.  So that they can remind us in this upcoming year to think about being kind, then when the moment arises, we will be ready to act.  So many times, a moment passes, and I think, oh man, I should have done this or that.  But when we have these ideas before our minds constantly, I think we will be more prepared to act in that moment.  To lift someone’s day, and in turn fill our hearts with joy.

Let’s go Be the Good.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

PS If you haven’t read my  post The Ripple Effect, I share an experience I had with giving a quarter to a little boy.  Made. My. Day.

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