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Joining Forces

Some of you may know that I started a charity organization at the end of November this past year called My Beloved Blanket. Its mission is to collect fleece blankets to donate to police stations. Then the officers can keep the blankets in their vehicles at the ready for any crisis situation.

I am happy to announce that I will be joining forces with Hearts Knit Together. Linda Simmons runs this beautiful charity.

Bags on the top row are for the women at the shelters and the bottom row are for the children. They are so amazing! Each one is color coordinated and has a very special message printed on a card.

Please check out her website. The baskets she donates are so lovingly made for women and children in shelters to help them escape abuse. She also donates beautiful hygiene kits for refugees and many, many more organizations she aids with various supplies.

About a little over a year ago, a local police station reached out to her to see if she could make a kit they could use . Unfortunately she was so busy with those that she was already committed to do, and couldn’t take on another project. Meanwhile, at the same time, I felt a prompting to start donating fleece blankets to police stations. But I had a really fussy three month old baby. I even bought the fleece on black Friday, but never was able to make the blankets.

Fast forward to the past Fall. I had been praying for what I should do for my life’s work. Several things had come to my mind. And one day in November the answer so clearly came. I needed to do the blankets that I felt prompted to do the previous November. So I began. I reached out to a charity that I donated to last Christmas-time and she gave me Linda’s organization’s name.

I am such a nervous person, I almost didn’t reach out to her. But I sent her an email. She responded, and that in itself is a miracle because she gets hundreds of emails each day, and said to give her a call. Well, I almost didn’t call. But I did. And she explained how she felt prompted that she needed to start the kits for the police stations starting in 2019. She felt I was inspired and that the Lord was touching our hearts at the same time so that we can work together. Talk about miracles! And then later that evening, she called back and said that a group of ladies she spoke with that afternoon wanted to help-one of the ladies in the group is the wife of a chief of police at a local station. And they would love to have kits for their officers too. Well, Linda mentioned that she had just spoken to me that very day. Wow!!!

I have said before, I don’t believe in coincidences, and that still holds true. And so we all met earlier this month to see Linda’s amazing Santa’s workshop and gather ideas of how we can put these kits together.

These kits won’t be large like for the shelters. They most likely will just be a blanket or a blanket and stuffed animal. Keeping them simple is best for the officer’s vehicles. Linda has the goal of supplying all police stations in our beautiful Utah by the end of the year.

So, that means we need to crank up our fleece donations. Her fleece blankets need to be 1 1/4 yards or 1 1/2 yards. The salvages cut off, and then just those two sides cut into strips. But NOT tied in knots. You cut a slit at the top of the strip and then feed the strip through.

look closely at the edges

For the instructions on how to make the fleece blankets to their specfications click on this link and then on the fleece blanket button:–sewing-instructions.html

I am hoping to host a Day of Service in February. Please look for details coming and follow me on Instagram. That is where I’ll post more frequently.

This is just a sampling of the wonderful items already donated to her Hearts Knit together! If you are interested in volunteering at her charity, you need to make it a monthly commitment. Her hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1-5pm. Your volunteer shift would be the four hours. She also has packets that you can do your own Day of Service or eagle scout projects. You can get the supply lists online and give to your workplace and start a donation drive. All these items pictured here are 100% donated.

I hope that if you are looking for a way to help your community that you will click on the link above and reach out to Linda. And then keep tabs on when I’m holding the fleece drive.

I am really excited to be a part of such a great work. There are people suffering in all sorts of ways. This is a way that we as Utahn’s can help our fellow brothers and sisters.

Their door is located on the East side of the building

And if you live elsewhere, you can start small and do this same thing where you live. Right now, she is only able to help locally. And in my church, we are encouraged to lift where we stand. I am so thrilled to be a part of something so beautiful! I know that services blesses the giver and the receiver and we are all happier for it.

As always…

Life is Good. Share the Good.

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