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Finding HOPE While Awaiting Rainbows

Hello my dear friends! It’s a beautiful Monday morning here in Riverton where I live! I have some exciting news to share! Well, it’s exciting to me at least!

I have been working for the past few months on an eBook titled Finding HOPE While Awaiting Rainbows. I have been praying that the words I share in this book will bring hope to anyone going through the often lonely and incredibly heart-breaking experience of losing a baby. Secondary Infertility is more common than we think. There are many women walking around silently suffering.

If you would like this FREE ebook, please subscribe in the cute little pop-up that shows up on my website. This will allow you to receive the eBook and future emails I will send out. I won’t send out lots of emails, just two thoughts a months.:) This is different from subscribing to my blog-when you subscribe to my blog, it will send you an email every time I make a new blog post. The pop up links you to the extra free things I will send. You can subscribe to both!

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I hope that my experience will help even one person. I hope that if you feel inspired to share my story with someone you know who is suffering through secondary infertility that you will send them a link to this blog.

Thanks for all the LOVE friends! This blog has blessed me in so many ways. I know that God is aware of me! Whenever I feel ready to give up on the time commitment that this blog takes, a note arrives in the mail, a text arrives on my phone, a delicious plate of treats with a note arrives at my doorstep. If you gain anything from my blog, I pray that it is the knowledge that YOU ARE KNOWN OF GOD. He is in the very details of your life. Turn to Him. And allow His Son, Jesus Christ, to lift your burdens. He is the very best burden-lifter I know.

May HOPE find you this day.

Life is Good. Share the Good.

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