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Our Future Self

Anyone who has been to my house knows that I am not a fan of cleaning.  This is a lovely picture of my family room this morning.  If you come over in an hour it will probably even look worse because then all my kids will be awake.  I always wondered why I just couldn't… Continue reading Our Future Self

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Perfectionism in Perspective

Today's post is all about perfectionism.  I have had my eyes opened a lot lately as I have attended therapy sessions with one of my children.  Learning more about the positive and negative aspects of trying to be perfect has been so interesting.  If you caught my post last Monday, Looking After Yourself, there was… Continue reading Perfectionism in Perspective

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Anxiety part 2

My picture with my son Joshua is one of my favorites.  We were going to the doctor's office to see if he broke his wrist because he was playing on the playground!  The wind was so crazy that day.  I just love how much fun I can have with my kids!  Sometimes my kids cause… Continue reading Anxiety part 2

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I have been reading the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.  I haven't gotten too far, but I am already so happy I am reading it.  I struggle like a lot of people with anxiety.  I really like this quote from his book: "To the degree that our emotions get in the way of or… Continue reading Anxiety