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Homemade Waffles

When my now ten year old was four he was diagnosed with food allergies/sensitivities. One of them was to egg. That made baking become very tricky! One of the great recipes I found was this one for egg-free waffles. We LOVE this recipe. It's quick and easy, and they fluff up so nicely! So if… Continue reading Homemade Waffles

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Cinnamon Struesel Muffins

Today's recipe is another egg free option. I love to share these, because when my son needed egg free options, I had such a hard time finding recipes that I didn't have to tweak or invent. This recipe is delicious with flaxseed or with eggs. I hope that you will bake up some of these… Continue reading Cinnamon Struesel Muffins

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Banana Bread

This is one of my favorite recipes!  When my son Taylor needed to eat egg-free as one of his food sensitivities, this was one of the recipes that easily adapted to flaxseed instead of eggs.  And we all actually like it better this way.  {It tastes great with eggs too though}  This was the recipe… Continue reading Banana Bread

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake

This cake's recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks- You Made That Dessert?  I love it because the author's directions are so easy and straightforward.  My kids love this dessert.  They ask for it all the time.  It is goes very nicely with vanilla ice cream.  You can go to my Homemade Raspberry Ice… Continue reading Sour Cream Coffee Cake

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Simple Granola Bars

This is a favorite for school lunches.  My kids are SO picky it's crazy.  So our granola bars are super simple.  We also have nut sensitivities, so I don't add those, even though I LOVE nuts and would prefer them that way.  This is a basic recipe, so you can always sub out part of… Continue reading Simple Granola Bars

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Munch Mix

Today's recipe is one of my most favorite things to bring to a party.  It makes a ton, and it's so pretty! Ingredients: 10 C corn or rice chex- or do both! 9 C popped popcorn- I use Skinny Pop because it's gluten free and there's hardly any kernels to get out. 4 C pretzel… Continue reading Munch Mix

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Homemade Salsa for Canning

As my garden veggies start to mature, I can't help but get excited about salsa!  This recipe is from a neighbor when I was living in Brigham City in my youth.  I love to smell this salsa cooking every Fall-except last Fall.  I had a baby instead.  So I'm really anxious to make some this… Continue reading Homemade Salsa for Canning

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Chocolate PB Bars

Today's recipe is from my friend Angelina.  She made these one day at her house, and my kids came home and pretty much begged me to get the recipe right away so I could make them.  Well, I did, and now these are a staple family treat.  She makes hers gluten free.  And I make… Continue reading Chocolate PB Bars

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Instant Pot Scalloped Potatoes

After checking out a few recipes online, I came up with my own version.  We love potatoes at our house.  Especially gooey, cheesy kind.  This recipe takes about an hour total including prep work. Ingredients: 6-8 potatoes, peeled and very thinly sliced salt/pepper/parsley 1 can of chicken broth-I like Swanson's for this recipe instead of… Continue reading Instant Pot Scalloped Potatoes

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Pork Chops and Rice

Today's recipe is super easy!  I like to make this when I know I'm going to be busy around dinner time- who am I kidding?  I'm always busy around dinner time.  Oh how I wish I would have enjoyed when I only had one kid with no where to go.  For some reason back then,… Continue reading Pork Chops and Rice