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Raspberry Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake Pie

There is not much, when it comes to dessert, that I love more than chocolate, but raspberry and lemon combo, that is a close second!  I love this recipe because it is very light and fluffy.  The lemon is just the right amount to not overpower, just give it a nice hint.  So, so good! … Continue reading Raspberry Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake Pie

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Mom’s Chocolate Cream Pie

This recipe is my mom's.  We've had this at Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember.  And now I make it and my kids enjoy it even more frequently.  Because pi day right?  March 14th!  I am thankful for family.  I am thankful for food.  And I am thankful for you!  I hope you… Continue reading Mom’s Chocolate Cream Pie

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Thanksgiving Turkey

I love to make turkey all year long.  Seriously.  I buy several turkey breasts and keep them in my deep freezer for Christmas, my birthday, Easter, an special occasion.  Why?  Because it makes the BEST  gravy ever.  And I live for gravy! I shared this recipe several months ago titled Herb Roasted Turkey.   If… Continue reading Thanksgiving Turkey

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Chicken Enchiladas

This is a recipe from my childhood.  My mom makes great enchiladas!  And these are the  BEST when you use left-over turkey from Thanksgiving.  This is a quick dinner if you already have some cooked chicken or a rotisserie chicken that you can shred and some precooked tortillas.  I love Tortillaland uncooked flour tortilla's.  You… Continue reading Chicken Enchiladas

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Fresh Peach Slush

Today's recipe is simply delicious.  It is a family favorite every fall.  If you have any peaches still, whip this up in a few minutes, freeze, then enjoy with your favorite lemon-lime soda! Ingredients: 4 C fresh peaches, peeled and quartered 2/3 C lemon juice 1 1/2 C sugar 3 C water Directions: Peel peaches,… Continue reading Fresh Peach Slush

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Peach Cobbler

Since I grew up for most of my life in Brigham City, Utah, I of course love peaches.  August and September are the best months of the year.  Eating the BEST fresh peaches every day makes me happy.  I never get sick of eating them.  I think they are the fruit of heaven.   Cobbler is… Continue reading Peach Cobbler

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Cinnamon Cookies

I renamed ginger snap cookies, cinnamon cookies so that my son Taylor, when he was little, would try these.  At the time he has just recently been diagnosed with food allergies/sensitivities (which he has outgrown! Yay!).  It's funny to me sometimes what we do to convince our kids to eat.  My kids are so picky… Continue reading Cinnamon Cookies