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Homemade Waffles

When my now ten year old was four he was diagnosed with food allergies/sensitivities. One of them was to egg. That made baking become very tricky! One of the great recipes I found was this one for egg-free waffles. We LOVE this recipe. It's quick and easy, and they fluff up so nicely! So if… Continue reading Homemade Waffles

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What I learned in 2018

I hope that the holiday break was refreshing for you! It was some much needed time for me to read, contemplate my blessings, enjoy my family, and set some new goals. Do you love my gold fireplace? After 12 years I finally painted it. I'm on top of projects like that! Last year was a… Continue reading What I learned in 2018

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Our Future Self

Anyone who has been to my house knows that I am not a fan of cleaning.  This is a lovely picture of my family room this morning.  If you come over in an hour it will probably even look worse because then all my kids will be awake.  I always wondered why I just couldn't… Continue reading Our Future Self